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audio alchemist:

As she is the sum of a diverse experience, so is the extent of her collaborative sonic artistry for film, documentaries, theatre, and performances in various capacities

cultural practitioner • composer • sound designer  researcher



A dynamic poster for the 2022 House of Brands campaign by Sportscene. The poster showcases a group of dancers and performers in bold and striking poses. The featured dancers include Zinzi Rhodes, Cheshire V, Berlin Williams, Autumn May McKenzie, Chenal Tayer, and Tylor Spelman. The image captures the energy, and embodied vibrant spirit of the performers
Sheet music cover for the choral work 'Siyaphambili,' arranged for SSAA voices. The title 'Siyaphambili' is prominently displayed. With subtitles crediting music and English lyrics written by Denise Onen, with translations from isiXhosa provided by Ongama Mhlontlo.


A captivating still image from the 2020 documentary 'Deliver Me.' The main focus of the image is Paul, portrayed sitting against a store window on a serene street. Paul is wearing a striking black leather biker jacket, black jeans, and white shoes. He sits in deep thought, gazing pensively beyond the phone in his raised hands. The image creates the illusion of Paul sitting back-to-back with himself, but it is actually a reflection




A high-angled black and white image showcasing Denise Onen playing a keyboard. Her long faux locs cascade over her forearms as her fingers gracefully spread across the keys
A captivating poster for the 2022 documentary 'Prayers for Sweet Waters.' The poster features Flavina, elegantly posing in a pageant gown, radiating confidence and grace. She wears a crown that adds to her regal presence. Festival feature banners, including New Fest and Sundance, are positioned above her head, signifying the film's recognition and acclaim. The poster also showcases logos of sponsors such as the British Council and BFI network, highlighting their support for the documentary


A square black image featuring bold white text that reads 'SURVIVING SOLITUDE.' Above the main text, smaller white text indicates that it is an 'immersive sound art piece.' Below the main text, there is additional smaller white text that states 'by Denise Onen,' acknowledging the creator of the artwork



A logo for 'Biennale de Dakar'
Banner for Oscillations sound art exhibition that took place in Berlin 27 April to 19 may 2024
A striking logo featuring a bird, resembling a phoenix-like-pigeon, soaring through letters that spell 'Uninfecting The City 2021'
National Arts Festival Logo containing a spiral that ascends into parted hands

SOUNDSCAPES & Explorations



A ceramic fist tightly clenches a white rope in a depserate grasp. The hand, cast from Denise Onen's own hand, showcases an array of colours including blue, orange and black, with hints of gold that resemble a bleeding wound. This striking ceramic sculpture was one of many hands featured in an exhibition by Amanda Rybicka



A captivating long exposure image capturing the ethereal glow of lights surrounding an African Harp. The harp, played by Denise Onen, creates enchanting melodies as depicted through light long exposure techniques used by photograph and artist Mia Thom. This image was one featured in a collection by Mia Thom

MIA THOM(2019)




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